Auto Diagnostics

Monitor the health status of
your car

Vehicle Location

Check the app to always know wh
-ere your car is, anywhere you go

Driving History

Keep records of all trips

Driver Behavior

Playback map to see where you
went wrong

Drive Safety

Custom speed and boundary
alerts right in the App

Aways On

24/7 protection - even
when your car is off

Crash Sensor

Automatically saves footage
when your car is in an accident

Parking Monitoring

Monitor surroundings even when
you're away

Motion Detection

Catch any number of unexpected
movements car at all times


Never miss a detail with full
1080p high definition camera


Industry leading 170° viewing angle
sees everything in front of you


Beautiful, high dynamic range images
to share and see what happened

Always-On Protection

Whether you're driving, stopped, or parked, DashPal is on the job 24/7.Even if your car is off, the camera is always on, ready to capture everything that happens when something does.

Crash Sensor

Accidents happen in seconds and often we don't see them coming. But thanks to built-in Crash Sensor, DashPal will. When DashPal detects the sudden impact of a crash, it automatically saves the footage to capture everything exactly as it happens.

Parking Monitoring

DashPal monitors your car's surroundings even while your car is parked and the engine is off. It automatically saves the footage if it detects any scratches, fender benders, suspicious motion or break-ins. Know tho damaged your car when you weren't there and catch thieves and vandals in the act!


DashPal's camera records HDR video so you'll be able to see exactly what went wrong or share that amazing view with friends and family. Never miss the smallest detail - even in low-light conditions!

Auto Diagnostics

Staying safe on the road means more than keeping an eye out. For those dangers you can’t see coming, DashPal’s got you covered.

Our OBD sensor plugs into any car’s standard diagnostics port and reads over 2000 vehicle codes. If something goes wrong, DashPal will let you know exactly what the issue is, so you can get it fixed right away.

No more wondering what that check engine light means, getting stranded by a sudden breakdown, or having to hope your mechanic is honest.

Vehicle Location

Track your car’s location in real-time and see where it is right in the DashPal app. So you’ll always know exactly where you left it - or where your new driver’s taken it.

Driving History

DashPal records all your trips from the moment your car starts.

Check the DashPal app to see where you’ve gone, your average and max speeds, trip time and distance, as well as fuel costs.

Driving Behavior

No matter how long we’ve been driving, we can all be a little safer on the road.

DashPal tracks driving behavior and lets you playback your trips on our animated map to see all your hard stops, quick starts, and sharp corners exactly where they happened.

Plus, we’ll calculate your overall Safety Score so you can see how well you’re driving and improve over time with DashPal as your personal driving coach!

Driver Safety

Make sure your new driver stays safe and on track wherever they go.

Set custom Speed Alerts in the DashPal app to know when she’s driving too fast. And custom Boundary Alerts to know when she’s going too far.